A derivative of a long line of Entermed units.

The FUTURENT® ergo ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to streamline ENT OPD procedures, vastly improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue in the ENT consulting / treatment room.

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The elegant centrepiece of every ENT clinic!

Reduces user fatigue

Vastly reduces user fatigue and improves efficiency. All aspects of the unit have been designed in a totally ergonomically responsible manner.

Within easy reach

The probes and handpieces are within easy reach of the user, eliminating the risk of repetitive overstretching, which can lead to injury over an extended period of time.

Improves the ergonomics

Utilisation of the otherwise lost space behind the handpiece holders for table-top devices vastly improves the ergonomics in the ENT consulting / treatment room.

Easy to keep clean

The ultra-smooth, flush panels are easy to keep clean. An integrated colour touch display can be effortlessly wiped clean of harmful microbes. The display is integrated without crevasses in which deadly microbes could collect.

Easy to open and close

A push-to-open system on the drawers eliminates the need for microbe-transmitting handles. The drawers can be opened with the back of the hand for improved hygiene and infection control.

Reliable electronics

The electronics incorporated in the FUTURENT ergo have been designed with the onus on reliability.

Optical sensors in the handpiece holders

Optical sensors in the handpiece holders do not encompass moving parts, which means no physical wear and tear.

Durable construction

The FUTURENT ergo is constructed from a combination of materials such as wood, metal and polyurethane. Each material has been selected based on its durability and appearance in the total concept. The result is a durable construction that is also pleasing to the eye.

Maximum hygiene

In order to stay one step ahead of the hygiene regulations, the FUTURENT® ergo is designed without handles and buttons.

The push-to-open, soft-close drawers make it easy for the user to open and close the drawers without the need for handles.

Maximum hygiene

Integrated functions by choice

The FUTURENT® ergo can be equipped with a wide selection of integrated functions to accommodate specific requirements.

  • Suction system
  • Rinsing facility for hose and secretion receptacle
  • Cordless examination headlight
  • Automatic secretion discharge with automatic cleaning
  • Small basin with irrigation
  • Compressed air c/w 3 atomizers
  • LED or halogen fibre optic light source
  • Warm water irrigator and caloric testing
  • Heated or non-heated rigid telescope holders
  • Flexible scope holder
  • Low voltage power source
  • Examination microscope
  • Full HD video endoscopy imaging system
  • 24” Full HD monitor
  • LED stroboscope
  • 100 W coagulator
  • Radio frequency ESU
  • Rhinomanometer
  • Tympanometer with EFT function
  • Sinus echography
  • Mirror preheater rack
  • Hot air mirror heater
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Integrated functions by choice

Rechargeable Cordless Headlight

LED cordless examination headlight

  • Cordless, rechargeable design
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Bright LED light
  • Adjustable spot size
Discover the cordless headlight

A patient-friendly setting

An illuminated colour LCD display, hygienic materials, carefully selected finishes and other elements are combined to form the basis of an efficient, durable and patient-friendly setting.

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A patient-friendly setting


230 Volt AC - 50/60 Hz

Maximum power

2300 VA


230 kg


1520 mm (w) x 830 mm(d) x 1040 mm(h)

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