The electronic warm water irrigator, the ENTHERMO® III, for caloric testing and ear syringing. It has three temperature settings and a flow rate of 300 ml per minute.

The set includes a bayonet and straight cannula and water inlet and outlet hoses for connection to a water supply with a minimum water pressure of 2 bar and a drain outlet.

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Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

  • Accurate electronic temperature control
  • Three temperature settings
  • High accuracy of water temperature
  • Continuous water flow to prevent bacteria growth
  • Pressure regulation from button on handpiece
  • Overheating control
  • Supplied with straight and bayonet cannulas
  • Suitable for ear irrigation of rinsing and caloric testing
  • Ready for use within 60 seconds after switching on
  • LED indicator displays device status
  • Safe and reliable
  • Compact design

Technical specifications

Type (according IEC 60601-1)


Classification (according IEC 60601-1)


Classification (according 93/42/EEG)





230 Volt A/C - 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption

1100 Watt

Temperature settings

30⁰C - 37⁰C - 44⁰C

Maximum supply water pressure

6.0 bar

Minimum water pressure

2.0 bar

Water pressure setting

1.8 bar


3 kg

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