The budget-friendly MICRONOMIC® III is a mobile ENT workstation designed to accommodate the maximum number of integrated functions according to specific requirements.

The MICRONOMIC® III comes with a dual-level polyurethane worktop and metallic silver front panels. This metal unit is particularly suitable for ENT consulting rooms with limited space.

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Maximum storage space

The two large storage drawers with adjustable partitions provide ample storage space for accessories such as instruments, cotton wool and gloves.

Practically furnished

The MICRONOMIC® III comes with a metal tray in the recess in its worktop. This can be used to momentarily place items such as silver nitrate sticks, prosthetic teeth, used instruments etc during patient examinations.

Designed without handles

In order to stay one step ahead of the hygiene regulations, the MICRONOMIC® III has been designed without handles.

Easily kept clean

The drawer fronts have a smooth, easy-to-clean hand grip on the sides to allow effortless opening of the drawers.


The MICRONOMIC® III ENT workstation comes on castors so it can be moved around easily.


This MICRONOMIC® III ENT workstation is particularly suitable for ENT consulting rooms with limited space.

Maintenance friendly

The MICRONOMIC® III ENT treatment unit is designed and built with the highest quality standards and is therefor low maintainance

The suction and air pumps are dry and thus there is no need to top up or replenish oil. The optic sensors are reliable and do not need to be replaced periodically.

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Maintenance friendly

Integrated functions by choice

The MICRONOMIC® III can be equipped with a wide selection of integrated functions to accommodate specific requirements.

  • Rinsing facility for hose and secretion receptacle
  • Warm water irrigator and caloric testing
  • Compressed air c/w 3 atomizers
  • LED fibre optic light source
  • Cordless examination headlight
  • Automatic secretion discharge with automatic cleaning
  • Heated or non-heated rigid telescope holders
  • Flexible scope holder
  • Low voltage power source
  • Examination microscope
  • Full HD video endoscopy imaging system
  • 24” full HD LED monitor
  • LED stroboscope
  • 100 W coagulator
  • Rhinomanometer
  • Tympanometer with EFT function
  • Sinus echography
  • Mirror preheater rack
  • Hot air mirror heater
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Integrated functions by choice


Can be used for caloric testing and ear syringing

  • Continuous flow system to prevent bacteria growth in water
  • Accurate electronic temperature control
  • Pressure regulation from button on handpiece
  • Overheating control
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Technical specifications


230 Volt AC - 50/60 Hz

Maximum power

2300 VA


57 kg


800 (w) x 600 (d) x 900 (h) mm

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