Enterview III

Focusable light beam

Cordless, rechargeable design

High battery capacity



The ENTERVIEW III® is a compact, cordless
headlight which overcomes the need
for connection to a fibre optic light source,
separate battery pack or transformer, and hence
increases freedom and mobility.
The balanced design of the ENTERVIEW III® headlight
permits comfortable use during longer periods of time.
The warm light emitting diode (LED) provides enough light for a
regular outpatient session.
The ENTERVIEW III® is a versatile aid that is suitable for use in
ENT, plastic surgery, gynaecology, maxillo facial surgery etc.

Cordless, rechargeable design
Bright LED light – 3600 K
Adjustable spot size
Flexible and reinforced link to lamp housing
Adjustable headband
Approx capacity 3 hours
Weight ca 325 grams

Technical Specifications

Weight 325 g
Spot diameter (distance 25cm) adjustable 25-100mm
Spot hue 3600K
Charging by micro USB-B with status-LED
Operation time approx 3 hr
Increase operation time with adaptor or powerbank
LED warm 3600 K at 700 mA
Luminous flux typical 235 lumen (at 700mA)
Collimating system Fresnel lens
Hue 3600 K

Product code: 670600 (Enterview III with USB battery charger)