Micronomic Combi

Micronomic Combi combines the Micronomic 50 and Micronomic Plus

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The MICRONOMIC 50® and MICRONOMIC PLUS® can be combined with connecting shelves and a long Marlan worktop to form the MICRONOMIC COMBI®.
The budget-friendly MICRONOMIC COMBI® is a compact treatment unit designed to accommodate the maximum number of integrated functions according to specific requirements.


With it’s additional storage space, articulated arm for the handpieces with infrared sensor and various integrated functions the COMBI is a perfect unit for ENT consulting rooms.
Each handpiece holder is equipped with an infrared sensor which automatically triggers the integrated functions.


The MICRONOMIC COMBI® comes with a durable polyurethane worktop and metallic silver lacquer finished front panels.

Standard integrated functions:

– Fibre ptic light source with light cable

– Suction system 35 l/min

– 2 mains power sockets for separate devices

Optional functions

– Compressed air system c/w 2 liquid 1 powder spray bottles

– Ear syringe with electronic temperature Control

– Mirror preheater

– Hot air mirror heater

– Heated telescope holders

– Non-heated telescope holders

– Low voltage power source with switchable hook for Frenzel Glasses and examination headlight

– Diagnostic microscope with 3-step magnification changer

– Full HD camera system with integral computer and USB connector in console

– 21” touch-screen HD monitor

– 100 Watt HF generator (mono and bipolar)

– X-ray viewer on a post


Height: 90 cm
Length: 160 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Weight 120 kg (empty)

Chassis and side housing in white. Lacquer
finished front panels in metallic silver (RAL 9006).
Other RAL colours optional.
Tough polyurethane top in white (RAL 9016).