Netherlands-based Entermed BV, established in 1976, specializes in designing treatment units and equipment for the ear, nose and throat (ENT) discipline.
The company concentrates its resources on acquiring, developing and inventing quality equipment for ENT departments at hospitals and for private clinics alike.
Through innovation, drive and excellence, Entermed develops and produces highly efficient, high-tech solutions for the simplification of ENT consulting room procedures.


Entermed ENT treatment units are hand built to the highest standards by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Every attention is paid to the smallest detail during the fabrication process resulting in beautifully crafted custom made ENT treatment units and complementary furniture.

Entermed BV has a hand-picked network of distributors and agents in more than 45 countries.

Futurent III®


Derived from a long line of designs, the FUTURENT III® ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT OPD procedures, vastly improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue in the ENT consulting / treatment room

Design, Hygiene, Efficiency and Durability. All combined in 1 unit.

Touch-screen operation, hygienic materials, carefully selected finishes and other elements are combined to form the basis of an efficient, durable and patient-friendly setting.


Modern electronics help optimise efficiency and minimise downtime. Modular furniture can be added to the FUTURENT III® in accordance with particular requirements, available space and budget to create an ergonomic ENT suite. This further improves efficiency and gives the consulting / treatment room a professional ambience.


Don’t let you equipment hinder your performance! The new generation of ENT treatment units for the future has arrived.

Optimum storage space

The Futurent® is equipped with two illuminated instrument trays with stainless steel dividers located beneath upper worktop. Two storage drawers with adjustable dividers and two large drawers with openings for waste disposal and used instruments.

Hygienic Design

In order to stay one step ahead of the hygiene regulations, the Futurent is designed with a smooth design without handles knobs and buttons. As an option it is possible to have the unit equipped with push-to-open drawers, which means the drawers can be made completely flush. This makes it easier to keep drawers clean and thus improving hygiene.

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